Colour - How to Start

Colour. Its a broad topic and one I like to put front and centre. Joseph Albers dedicated his life's work to colour: how one colour will make other look and feel. Some colours make a space feel bigger while others create a sense of intimacy. White is a default security blanket to many. Its popular on social media sites like instagram where people visually connect better with white interiors and lead many to think that white is the best option. While white is lovely, and it has its place, colour adds personality. It has the most impact with the least amount of investment. Life has more taste when you add colour. Think of colour like spices. Spaces tend to be bland without it. Its always worth trying.


How to start?

Think about your clothing choices. You will always be drawn toward a colour without realising it. What is your favourite colour? Don't think about whether it will work in a space. What colour makes you smile? Orange is a colour that many equate with happiness. Once you've chosen a colour that you like, choose a transition spaces in your home and paint those first. Feature walls were fine years ago but really commit to the colour and paint - ALL the walls. Trust me. It does make a difference. Why a transition space? The space will be filled with personality and since you're not going to be sitting there, its a great way to try colour out.  There is one rule to follow, do not mix more than two colours in a space. You can mix variations of a colour - blues for instance: light, dark, cooler and warmer shades. This adds variety with interest. Still daunted? Give me a call. We can help build your confidence and lead you in the right direction. Check out our "Pick-My-Brain" service. 

Regardless of the colours you choose- remember they are walls and you can easily paint over them. Life is short, so be bold in your choices and you'll be happier for it. 

Miami Four Seasons