How to achieve the right "brand" look for the event

When a new illustration client approaches us most do not know what kind of design they want. They know they need to send out an invitation or an announcement and it need only be something simple. Simple is the brief.  More eyes start to critique the work as we progress and more information comes to light but I also start to guide them towards what they might like and would fit with their "brand". Even if its a bride who does not have a brand per say they do have a style they want to convey and really impress their friends and family. Yes a type of brand. An impressive design will always increase the number of people who want to attend your event. This project started at a simple pdf to be incorporated into an email and became a suite of work from a Save-the-Date, a formal letterpress invitation with matching hand lettered envelopes, place cards, menu and thank you cards. 

We started with local design elements from the location

This sign was based on a famous tourist sign in Key West.  We redesigned it with their trips while courting; he lived in Tahoe, while she is a born and lived in New Yorker...