Make a great first impression. 

Customers assess your brand at a subconscious level. In a moment or two, customers make instinctive decisions about your brand's "feel" and "personality".  That's why branding is vitally important. Your brand needs to gain the confidence and trust of your customers. Every brand touch point must make a consistent and quality impression. This includes your logo, business cards, website, office, retail space and trade booth or pop-up

Get your brand really working for your business. 

Why Us?

We combine traditional and digital design experience with a bit of an edge. Siobhan's background in museum exhibition design, art history and research gives her a holistic view. 

We know and create storytelling through physical space and graphic design. 

A brand is like a museum: you want to educate, entertain and guide your audience, creating a loyal following. 


  • brand Research and development
  • brand assessment
  • brand positioning
  • design direction
  • symbolism development
  • logo design
  • website design
  • marketing collateral
  • UX Design
  • trade booth design
  • pop-up design



Let us assess your current brand value and positioning. 

The website looks absolutely fabulous....

"The website looks fabulous. All I want to do is buy, buy, buy. Brilliant idea."

—Client, Annie's Provedore

Listens, challenges and ultimately delivers!

"SDD is professional, committed, listens and understands challenges and ultimately delivers."

— Huan Qi, ABS

SDD developed a powerful and memorable brand.

"SDD developed our brand to symbolise our energy, professionalism and action orientation."

— Damien O'Malley OMG Group

Allocated Bullion Solutions

Singapore based fintech company brand strategy, positioning and design of their logo, tagline, printed collateral, UX design, websites, office design and trade booths. Following a change of direction we rebranded the company for their global vision and became in-house creative director on all marketing for the company's touch points, ad campaigns, pre and post conference planning,  ad campaigns and trade booth designs for global finance conferences such as Hubbis, LBMA, FIA, LME and Asian Wealth. 

Mac Forbes Wines

Mac Forbes produces a series of wines for the UK Wine Society. We designed the wine label, inspired by the wine rings left on the table linen after a great dinner party with friends and family. The artwork is created with watercolour to represent a looser and artier design, more in keeping with Mac Forbes brand positioning and product. Our work was review by Joanna Simon's food and wine blog. 

  • concept development
  • artwork
  • project management


New York and Berlin based consulting firm bridges the divide between arts and science organisations. We created a fun, memorable and elegant brand identity. The dappled D represents the confluence of ideas with the core concept of "idea bubbles" combined with scientific elements like atoms, neutrons and electrons. Rotating the "D" 90 degrees demonstrates how the firm approaches collaborations from different angles and an added bit of fun, it looks like a happy face. The bold yellow reflected the firm's youthful creative approach. 

OMG Group

OMG Group is an HR consulting company that assesses and restructures companies on an global scale. Since 2011 they have chosen us to manage design for various brands including O'Malley, M Sport and others. We created each brand with a clear vision to maintain links across the overall brand identity to deliver printed graphics, website, outdoor signage and corporate sponsored clothing. 

  • brand strategy and development
  • logo design and development
  • integration with exiting branding
  • art direction
  • digital design- website design
  • corporate sponsor clothing
  • signage design


Annie's Provedore

We developed the integrated retail vision for food purveyor Annie's Provedore which started with a "farm store" identity logo based on a farm chicken - the Orpington "chook". We designed the website, chicken animation, collateral, bathroom murals, signage, store design and art direction on all advertising and publications. The quarterly menu magazine concept helped increase sales on key items with a story about each producer. 

  • logo design + tagline
  • website + collateral
  • product packaging- food and wine
  • clothing design (cycling and wait staff aprons)
  • retail store lighting and ceramic consultation styling
  • event concept development
  • loyalty credit card design
  • art direction 
  • car logo design and art direction
  • marketing and advertising design

Annie's Kitchen

As the Annie's Provedore brand extended into catering and online sales we recommended creating a separate brand identity. We delivered a brand strategy, new brand positioning and logo design to partner with the existing "mother" and flagship brand. We also managed store signage and digital design to support the new brand. 

  • brand extension and development
  • integration with exiting branding
  • art direction
  • logo design and development
  • store signage
  • digital design

75% of consumer decisions are made within the first 3 minutes of seeing your branding. 

Make a great first impression with us