Outstanding restaurant and retail design will increase sales, improve client loyalty and create a workplace your staff will love. Guests will think of you first when they celebrate with friends.

With extensive understanding and years of experience in architecture and design in the hospitality industry combined with experience in the luxury service industry while a Director with Butterfield & Robinson, consistently voted one of the most luxury travel companies, Siobhan offers insight and unparalleled understanding of what makes a great experience for your guest. We have worked with chefs and restaurant owners in Australia, Canada, USA and Europe and eaten at most of the top restaurants in NYC, London, France, Ireland, Australia, Spain, Italy and Tokyo.

The former convenience store has been transformed into a small, funky space with dark blue walls, orange and lime-green accents, a constellation of filament light bulbs hanging from the ceiling with impressive long tables made from shiny slabs of reclaimed maple.
— Ottawa Magazine
Chapeau! You’ve turned an unknown corner in Ottawa into a Montreal experience.
— D. McFarlane

Fraser Cafe

Award winning Ottawa chefs, Ross and Simon Fraser appointed us to design and project manage three of their restaurants; Fraser Cafe, Fraser Cafe II, Table 40

Brother Shota

Brother Shota

A Japanese restaurant in Melbourne Albert Park. We consulted on how to update their seating, layout, bathroom design and graphics.


Restaurant Consulting Services

Humblebrag: we continue to receive rave reviews for our designs. The continued success of the restaurants is testament to the classical designs and, of course the winning cuisine and services. 

  • Initial concept proposal and designs

  • Demolition and construction drawings

  • Full renovations

  • Project management

  • Branding, digital, print and space design to follow the brand

  • Furniture and lighting design

  • Updating existing restaurants

Annie's Provedore and Produce Store

Annie's Provedore is both a gourmet food shop and a cafe based in Barwon Heads. I consulted as the creative director with for over four years, creating the store branding and developing the print marketing,  digital presence and all print collateral as well as the packaging. The "farm chook" is known for its outstanding food and casual, relaxed and friendly ambience.

  • Branding development and research

  • Logo design

  • Car livery design

  • Food packaging design

  • Store and event marketing graphics; digital and print

  • Website design

  • Staff uniforms and cycling club design

  • Monthly ad marketing design

  • Menu magazine development and seasonal updates

  • Restaurant styling

  • Lighting styling

  • Bathroom design and murals

car logo2.jpg
Garlic Annies.jpg


Annie's Kitchen and Catering

Annie's expanded into event catering with Annie's Kitchen and Catering expanded the family. Annie's chook had a few baby chicks for the new brand extension. 

  • Brand review

  • Design development

  • Design

  • Production management

  • Roll-out across all products


UK Wine Society

  • Art series label for their branded label.

The UK Wine society together with their wine consultant wanted to create a softer look to their private label "Blind Spot". The brief was very open so we narrowed it down and created an artwork inspired by the name.

Mac Forbes

  • Art Label for Yarra Valley Wine Label Mac Forbes

Having collaborated with Mac Forbes on a few projects, this one was especially fun. Mac Forbes celebrated the birthday of the Woori Yallock vineyard with a commemorative bottling along with a dinner. We designed the exclusive invitation to reflect the creative spirit and craftsmanship Mac brings his wine making. Hand cut and hand printed wood cut with custom designed lettering inspired by this great wine.

invite-PINK copy.png

Food Lover's Calendar

Food lovers constantly think about their next meal while eating a meal. This calendar was inspired by the 100 mile food radius for local produce. Each month a recipe focuses on the food in season and readily available while keeping the chef’s food miles to a minimum. For those even more passionate about their vegetable tending habits, the new moon and full moon cycles are marked on the calendar for those who follow biodynamic growing traditions.

  • Calendar concept

  • Content creation

  • Design and layout

  • Illustrations

  • Print Management