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We consult on current or future restaurant design based on your desired outcome, projected clients and the business plan. We assess current business and advise how to improve your business. With 15 years working in the architecture industry combined with 5 years working in the luxury hospitality industry, we are uniquely qualified with the insight to turn your restaurants into a success.


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Our bold aesthetic stands out from the crowd.

Bold, considered and driven by our commitment to beauty, quality and sustainability. Passionate about creating interiors based on a solid understanding of the way people use space, our designs are filled with personality, technical understanding and of the highest quality.


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How to stand out from the crowd

Melbourne is filled with many amazing chefs and an equally solid collection of beautifully appointed and well planned restaurants and cafes. With the drive to be the "next big thing" in food-town, cafes are copying what has proven successful, creating a sameness through the industry. How do you stand out and make a more enticing destination?


It has a modern, sleek industrial feel and great ambience. Fraser’s really is tapped into what makes a great and successful restaurant.
— Frasers - Table 40 review, Ottawa Magazine

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Restaurant Consulting

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