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Award Winning Interior Design


Well-crafted, considered and driven by our commitment to beauty, quality and sustainability.  We design so that you can grow,  evolve and stand out from the crowd. We are passionate about creating interiors based on a solid understanding of the way people use space. Our designs are filled with personality, timeless, on time and, on budget.

Branded Interiors and Graphics

Make sure people's first impression is the one you want. Our creative brand solutions ensure every touch point of your brand makes the right impact. This includes your commercial space matching the branding, logo, website, store front signage and collateral. We develop your identity if you have yet to envision one based on in-depth research and market studies. 

Pick-My-Brain = Renovation Question?


Do you need a quick answer to an interior renovation question? Does your DIY project need help and you don’t want spend hours doing research? Are you stuck on questions like: What colour matches my floor? Will this look good? How do I start? I have over 15 years of experience in architecture and over 7 years in hospitality, I know about design, service, and maintaining your "brand".


It has a modern, sleek industrial feel and great ambience. Fraser’s really is tapped into what makes a great and successful restaurant.
— Frasers - Table 40 review, Ottawa Magazine

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Vogue Australia
Country Life
The Knot
Porter Magazine


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