7 Steps to Knowing your Style

Picture - Frame Web

Picture - Frame Web

Instagram, pinterest and design magazines are helpful, and if you know what you’re looking for, they provide a great start to your living room update, bathroom or kitchen renovation. However, if you don’t know what your style is, all options tend to look good and it can become confusing. How does one recognise their own style? Here are few easy steps:

  1. Look at your clothing selection.

  2. What colours dominate?

  3. Sweaters and fabric with patterns or textures?

  4. Do you have lots of black clothing?

  5. Does clutter bother you? If it does, you will tend to like orderly and more minimal spaces.

  6. What were your favourite spaces as a child. These spaces provide an emotional connection which is important when designing successful spaces.

  7. What do you want the space to do?

Only you can answer the above questions but gathering your thoughts on a page will begin the process we call programming. It lists the desires, look, feel and needs of your project. In November we are launching a quiz and e-course to help guide you to knowing and implementing your style in your space. Sign up for our newsletter.