Mirrors. How to use them?

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Mirrors provide information so we tend to only think of them that way. Mirrors are very important for making sure you have no spinach in your teeth, but in the world of interiors, they help create interesting spaces by adding another layer to a room. Layers of interest can be achieved with patterns, colour, lighting, art and especially mirrors. The simplest way is with mirrors. They add depth to any room while also distracting and moving the eye around the space, and ultimately adding a sense of glamour. You can never have enough glamour in your life. Get a sense that there is a missing element to your living room but you can’t pinpoint what it is? Add a mirror. Any type of mirror can help but if you have your eye on a very expensive old vintage one, make your own by getting a mirror cut, add acid to “age” it and frame it in a fancy ornate frame. Want a modern but old look? Paint a baroque style frame a high gloss, high saturated bold colour like a grey pink or emerald green. Auction houses, garage sales and antique shops are good places to start your search.

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