NCAA Basketball Coaches Museum

While working with ESI Design in New York City, I worked on the basketball museum design. Each ESI project must encompass teamwork learning. Learning through the exhibition with the people around you. The Basketball Coaches museum not only addresses the needs of team-building in basketball, but also building "teams" in life. The museum design incorporated physical and digital interactive design.  



  • Interactive learning
  • No push-button learning
  • Team building
  • History of basketball
  • Coaches in basketball
  • Sports learning
  • Hall of fame
  • Fun and engaging 

What we love

Shoot like Mike exhibit
Who does not idolise Jordan?




Exhibition design is learning design.

“Museums are centres for learning.”

— Siobhan Donoghue


Kinetic learning

We learn more "making things" rather than simply pushing a button. It provides a more comprehensive form of understanding of how things work.