Pick-My-Brain - Phone or skype consultation

You’ve got a question but you don’t want or feel you need a full consultation or a visit. Just one question over the phone....

Many tradespeople suggest ideas they are comfortable with, while your friends provide their opinion, which may or may not fit with the look you want. Your project is about you or your business. This all makes you nervous. You want the investment to be successful. 

I can answer those questions. 

Impartial professional insight with the answers or the way to find them. Are you thinking:

  • What flooring tile matches the walls?
  • What bathroom floor tile is safest for my family and still looks good? 
  • What is the best layout for this room?
  • What colour to choose?

(Just a few sample thoughts you might be having.)

We are living in a world of DIY. Everyone wants and is doing it themselves. That is great. Craftsmanship is back and I'm here to help get your project on the road to a successful and safe design.

Why me? I have over 15 years of experience, a graduate degree in interior architecture and exhibition design. I live design. Over the years I have provided so much insight to clients, friends and family, close and afar. I see simple mistakes that can be easily avoided with a few professional insights. Near or far the phone or Skype consultation can mean you take a step you only dreamed or did not realised you could achieve. 

Sound like I can help?  Head to the Pick-My-Brain page and learn more (follow the link below). 

I look forward to chatting.

Pick My Brain