I knew that I wanted to freshen up and reorganise our living room, bathroom and home office. After an hour with Siobhan I have a clear plan and fabulous ideas to make our spaces look unique and well designed, while still being comfortable, practical and liveable. 

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Phone Consultation for a Home Owner or a Small Business

Is your interior design project failing to match your vision? Let’s get you moving forward with a coaching call.  

I have helped hundreds of home and small business owners around the world. I can help you too.

You don’t need to spend thousands on a designer—you just want help turning your ideas into reality. 

Before the call, you’ll send me all the information you can about your project. During the call I will focus on practical solutions to help you move forward. I’ll tell you honestly what is and is not working in your space.


“Cool space- with its mid-century look!”

The fact that the same cool space — with its hip mid-century modern chairs and dangling Edison light bulbs — is the set for wedding receptions, pharmaceutical meetings, and a variety of other events the rest of the week is a testament to just how well the Frasers are tapped into the needs of their neighbours and the state of the city’s social behaviour.

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Onsite Coaching for a Restaurant, Airbnb or Small Hotel

If your space is dated or needs a refresh, your business can suffer. Let's take action.

I’ll help you decide:

  • how do we improve the look of your business
  • how to make the space match your digital and print branding
  • how to create a modern, uplifting and welcoming space on a budget
  • which areas to focus on to really WOW customers
  • If the condition or style of your space is letting you down, and your digital and print branding is not consistent with your brand values, your customers lose confidence and turn to your competitors.

Styles change. What was a modern, inspiring space five or ten years ago is now dated and bland. Keeping up with the latest styles doesn’t have to cost a fortune. I can show you how. 

You only get one opportunity to impress your customers: make it amazing.


I can help save you time and money. Lets get started.




Why me?

I have more than 15 years of industry experience working in Melbourne, London, New York and Ottawa. I’m knowledgeable, opinionated, impartial and, above all, I'm honest. I care about the environment and your well-being so I make sure the choices are smart for you, your family and your business. I love it when people achieve the perfect fit for their homes or businesses. Need to know more? Check out my about page.

We are all different - our spaces should reflect that. 

This is exactly why I invested in interior design, to open myself to expert views and allow myself to be challenged. Despite challenging my thinking, Siobhan always consulted me to make sure my taste and my vision for my apartment was also taken into account.

It has been a great pleasure working with Siobhan. I am really impressed with her easy going personality and highly professional approach to her work.
— Ebbie, Docklands Renovation