How to create a point of difference. Styling for the airbnb market.

How to create a point of difference. Styling for the airbnb market.

Have you got an airbnb to rent? Does your neighbour? I've even thought about renting my apartment on airbnb when I'm out of town. Price is not always a factor when renting. How to create a point of difference when the market is fully saturated with space that all look the same. 

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Our wine label design

Last year I worked on a fun project with local Yarra Valley wine producer Mac Forbes. I was tasked with creating a new look for the UK Wine Society wines he creates for them. Blind Spot is the name of the wines so that lead me to think about dinner parties and rings on tables. Finally, after a few design proposals, we ended up with the below design. Joanna Simon recently chose his wine as the "Wine of the Week" as well as doing a great review of the entire collection he produced for the UK. 

Melbourne Interior Styling


We recently completed a property styling project in Barwon Heads for a long time client for whom we've created many interiors.  The brief was to create a finished look for a luxury rental audience.  While we love to look at outstanding interior photography there is a huge difference between a well designed space and a great looking photograph. You have to approach styling like a well balanced work of art. You need to make sure the viewer’s eyes continuously move around the published image (that means looking at the 3-D space and abstracting it down to 2-D image). The balance is achieved with large and small items positioned strategically. There is lots of little "shifting" and obsession to detail in achieving an image that is "just right".

As someone who always points out great and problematic design wherever I go, creating styled images for digital and published magazines requires a different professional hat. What do I mean? Well take bathroom styling for example. It invariably looks better in magazines when there is a soft item such as chair positioned in the picture. The final picture spread will look amazing but in reality its not great to have soft furnishings in a hot and humid space. The tend to mould.