Scared of Colour?

Melbourne Living Room

"I wish we had done this earlier" is the statement I hear from all my clients.

Colour seems to scare so many people, when in reality it always makes a space better. Even touches of colour such a cushions improve the personality of your space, although I always encourage people to go further otherwise they will regret it. 

We worked with a lovely couple who had a sensational apartment with "great bones". Amazing light, old world detailing with mouldings, high ceiling and parquet floors. They felt the space was too cold so I suggested warming it. "How can we do that?" she asked. "With a fabulously dark colour." I said. "No, no" she said, "that would not work". How did I convince them to paint? Well I demonstrated a few spaces with fantastically dark sexy walls as well as a mock up of what their space would look like with the new dark colour. I left them to mull over the idea and the next day they called. "We want to move forward." I do worry about every client's reaction. Happily a few weeks later I received a call,  "we love it so much, thank you." 


Before the coloured walls
Dark Blue Walls