Mindfullness. Are we ready for this trend?

How many devices do you work or play with? I do not have an alarm clock, like so many of us, so I wake up with an alarm on my phone. Once I have my phone in my hand its all downhill from there. I take a quick look at email, then instagram and only then do I decide to get out of bed. This process takes roughly 15 minutes (or an hour) so, since I've wasted so much time playing with my phone,  I then need to rush. Sigh.

Starting the day without looking at my phone until I'm at the breakfast table or seated at my desk sets a quieter tone for the rest of my day. It's really hard to achieve this discipline but oh, what a difference it makes. One of my hobbies, if you can call it a hobby, is learning iyengar yoga. By learning I mean teacher training. There is no future plan to ever teach but I want the in-depth knowledge that will allow me to manage an old injury and to keep my ever racing mind more restful and possibly design a school with a yoga room for the younger generation or the older generation who really need it to keep them moving. 

I'm now thinking about creating tech free spaces without wifi, computers or phones. A space where I simply contemplate and deal with what enters my mind or happily read a book, or the newspaper (while they are still around). A challenge, yes, but it has it own restful result to it and increases my creativity - when I give it a chance. Let's see how it goes.