Office ideas

People love a beautiful home office. My mind conjures up an old world romantic wood panelled space with floor to ceiling industrial steel framed windows surrounding a modern desk designed by the architect Saarinen with a Eames office chair. Beautiful modular storage by USM .... this list is long of what makes my ideal office. 

How to create a beautiful home office? First off, it looks and feels like an office, not a dorm room with a desk jammed into the wall looking like an afterthought. The storage needs to be sleek, unassuming and especially easy to use and access whenever needed. Your desk is inviting and a place you always dreamt you wanted to be. Well, not always but at least a large portion of your day. Mental health with regard to your home office is more important that people realise. If you have a view beyond your computer that is soothing and relaxing on your eyes, great, tick the box to the increase on your mental health check and eyes. If you have a view outdoors and a window you can open, two ticks! Outdoor views onlooking a solid wall are not really considered a healthy view. If you have no view or the view is chaos, turn the desk around with your back to the window and create a pleasing view looking into the space. How to do that? When we've not designed the space we suggest ways to improve the view without a huge renovation. My favourite is to create a photo wall. What's a photo wall? Basically its a wall with an image we've designed into wallpaper. We designed a winter forest, a view of the vineyards along with Rhine, a fighter plane, etching of trees, and views of a favourite city. The options are vast but we really need to know what views make you happy and lead your mind to take a break from work. 

Industrial brick wallpaper

Industrial brick wallpaper

A fighter plan wall

Etching of poplar trees

Winter trees