Trends in the way we live



Last January I tried VR glasses for the first time. I was at the Singapore Science Museum attending a temporary exhibit. The exhibit was VR. There were three chairs and no queues so I gave it a go. It was a rollercoaster ride. I was seated in a rollercoaster car and could see in any direction I turned my head; sky, land below and the rails tracks ahead and behind. I was real and very fun. I do not like to ride rollercoasters but  I walked away thinking it was great technology.  Then I forgot about it.

I tried AR glasses for the first time in December at the NGV Triennial. It was an AR game designed specifically for the art show. The staffed prepared people with general questions and then brought them into the quiet space with filled with large life size upholstered boxes with benches inside each. I took a seat. One final overview from the docent and I put the headgear on. After less than five minutes I took off the headgear. I was going to throw up. When the staff initially asked if I suffered from motion sickness I had said no, since I had never before experienced it. I left. I walked out with the attitude that I need not try VR glasses ever again. 

Last Week at Pause Fest, at the end of Day 2, I dropped in on an AI, VR, MR discussion. I know nothing of AI, and did not even know what MR stood for. The only seats left were front row. Lawrence Crumpton, Evangelist, Microsoft HoleLens spoke about using the HoleLens at home.  The AI people in the experience were interacting with him and asking questions about the furniture in his living room. Real thinking AI holographic people. He then spoke about how the technology could be used by engineers to help in flight pilots address technical difficulties. The engineer could virtually be in the plane, viewing the cockpit and help solve the issue

My brain started running with various ways of using the technology for the elderly. How to keep them in their homes longer when family were far away, help with general everyday issues when we're not nearby.

My mind is still processing ideas.

This link is very much an ad, but it will give you an idea of what’s to come in the world of MR (mixed reality)  VR and AI.