Adding Personality to Any Space


Interior design magazines are filled with inspiration, ideas on what to buy, where to buy or how to combine furniture, patterns and textures. The idea of changing any room can seem daunting when you don't know where to start. There are three very easy steps you can take to begin. 

1) Colour: Look at your wardrobe

What colours stand out? If you already know what colours make you happy, you're way ahead of the pack. If not, look and assess. Don't spend too much time, you want a feel of your colour preferences without spending too much time getting bogged down by details (such as needing to revamp, reorganise or simply purge items from your closet). Stay focused. I love green. I have no green in my wardrobe but I know green in any form makes me happy. When I'm out in nature or simply walking, trees and gardens play an important part in calming my state of mind. 

2) Editing: Who am I?

Think about two important aspects of your life. Travel and food? Surfing and art? Footy and gardening? Now with those ideas in mind begin to edit around the house.  Keep only the items that reflect these two passions. The goal is for the space to reflect your style without being generic. Its your home, so really make it your own. 

3) Start: Stop thinking and start doing

Implementing your colour. This is daunting for so many people. Its the cheapest and easiest way to add layer upon layer of personality to any room. Get a few of those clothes you were going to give away, a few cans of paint and start painting. If you can't paint and you have a tight time frame. Think about getting a large canvas from a local art store, paint it and hang it. That will add more to the room than leaving the walls blank.